Ohayoo Casual Game Contest Guidelines

Ohayoo is a leading publisher in China that focuses on publishing casual games. Starting from 2021, Ohayoo will be actively seeking partnership with international developers to help them succeed in the booming Chinese casual game market. Ohayoo is hosting this mini-developer contest to engage with international developers that have talents.

How to participate?🙋🏼‍♀️ 🙋🏼 🙋🏼‍♂️

We make the participation process extremely simple for developers. 🤝🤝🤝Developers can just submit your game information and studio information directly to Ohayoo’s official email 📧 : contact@ohayoogames.com

The Ohayoo publishing team will review and select the top 10 winners to grant a $1500 USD reward💰 for each.

🌟Games we accept🌟

You can send your game to us in the form of a core gameplay video recording, a playable demo — an APK or TestFlight, or a downloadable link of a completed game.

Although we do not place any limits on the engine, the preferred development engine is Unity.

Game type: hyper-casual to mid-core mobile games are all welcomed.

Regardless of whether you have a ready-to-launch game, a demo, or just a recorded video of your ideas, your work will be reviewed as equaled and evaluated fairly.

💬 Other information we need from you

In the email, please provide the following information as well.

Team info 🔔 : team name, size of the team, number of games developed, previous experience working with other publishers, possess 3D development capability or not, and engine of development.

Contact info 🔔 : name, email, Skype ID, and country/region.

🗓Event Timeline 🙌🏼

  1. Submission timeframe: 👉🏼Jan 19th to Feb 19th👈🏼 via email to contact@ohayoogames.com
  2. Round 1: Top 10 winners to be announced on March 3rd. (Each top 10 winner will receive a $1500 reward.)
  3. Round 2 (Invitation Only): Ohayoo publishing team contacts and invites the top 10 winners if the Ohayoo team wants to test the game either in China or Globally. Additional rewards applies if the testing result meets a certain benchmark.

If my game is already published, can I still participate? 🧐

Yes, you can ✅ . We might consider a potential collaboration for publishing in China or other available regions.

Intellectual Property Ownership📖

All intellectual properties of the game will be retained by the developers themselves. Ohayoo will not use the collected information for other purposes besides this event.

Official Email: contact@ohayoogames.com





Ohayoo is a leading casual game publishing platform

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