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A one-stop solution for casual game developers taps into the Chinese market

At Ohayoo, we value the attitude to speak with successful cases. We have dedicated our time to exploring the best practices of casual game publishing and China’s growing market. Up until now, we have published 150+ games and achieved 500 million total downloads, with 9 games individually bringing in revenue equivalent to over $15 million USD each, and 39 games individually driving revenue over $1.5 million USD each. With the practical know-how from our experience and successful cases, we provide developers with a holistic service if they wish to enter the Chinese casual game market. We would like to utilize this article to explain our publishing services and business partnership model.

China’s casual game market

The casual game market is a highly viable market that encourages the developers to engage in the international causal game community. In that case, you might choose to pivot to China, where the market preference is currently turning towards casual games. The average DAU of casual games in China reached 170 million in 2020 with a YoY growth of 28% and the MAU surpassed 400 million in January, 2020 (Data source: Yiguan, AppAnnie). China’s rapid rising market demand for casual games is expected to reach $7 billion in 2021 (according to Ohayoo research). The Chinese market is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for casual game developers like YOU from all around the world to explore. At Ohayoo, we commit to connect developers like you with the China casual game market through our comprehensive services.

Source: Sohu

Distribution of games through short-form video sharing networks

Short-form video sharing networks such as Douyin have become significant platforms for players to receive information and download new games. According to an Ohayoo research, 54% of players show interest in learning about a new game and downloading a new game through a short-form video sharing network. A casual game is an ideal fit for short-form video viewers and users due to its simple, creative, and play-anytime-and-anywhere nature. A short-form video sharing network is a robust playground of game marketing to motivate paid and organic players from the game publishing perspective. At Ohayoo, we leverage the creative video sharing mechanism to boost user acquisition and increase brand awareness. We also provide expertise in the in-app advertising (IAA) model to optimize monetization for games.

Virus War-Space Shooting Game
Virus War-Space Shooting Game

Virus War-Space Shooting Game

1st -month content-based marketing achieved 100 million views and 300,000 new players.

Source: gamelook

Into China: no longer a distant move

Getting into a foreign market is a difficult move and often time turns a developer away. At Ohayoo, we fully understand that concern and offer our developer partners solutions: make our publishing services cover the necessary steps a developer needs for their Chinese market entry so that they are only left with one thing to focus on: creating an outstanding game.

Q1:Not familiar with the market?

Chinese players’ taste and preference insights and professional support

Q2:Need help with localization?

Localization support and even development support depending on the partnership model

Q3:Other value-adding besides user acquisition?

Creative content-based marketing across short-form video sharing networks and data-driven operations to optimize monetization and retention. There are over 70,000+ gaming-related KOLs on Douyin.

Q4:Optimize monetization?

Ohayoo has extensive expertise in IAA model design and will provide a customized solution for your game.

Q5:Any other benefits from working with Ohayoo?

Get a reliable publishing partner in regions that you want to enter, keep updated with the trendy creatives and market trends in China, and unlock further game potentials with Ohayoo.

Business collaboration model

Ohayoo welcomes studios and developers of all sizes. There will always be a model that fits your needs, and Ohayoo is open to discussion. We offer exclusive publishing, re-development, buying out and work-for-hire models.

Successful cases

Sharpen Blade — hyper-casual game

Sharpen Blade is a hyper-casual game in which the player’s goal is to craft the most powerful sword and enjoy the fun of DIY. It is a game with over 20 million downloads in China. Ohayoo publishing team strongly leverages the promotion advantage of Douyin short-form video sharing network. We launched content marketing of Sharpen Blade on Douyin by posting game creative video assignment. The campaign led to 200,000+ professional user generated contents with total views of the videos surpassing 1.4 billion. The campaign also led to an organic user growth of over 10 million.

Rooster Defense- tower defense casual game

Rooster Defense is a chart-topping tower defense game that is full of fun, strategy, relaxation, and challenge. Ohayoo has particular localization and execution support managers involved, working to make the game the best fit for the Chinese market in terms of its system and level design. The game has been downloaded over 13 million times in China, ranks App Store top 3 and has received recommendation from TapTap, a Chinese mobile game sharing community that recommends high quality mobile games.

Ohayoo is a leading casual game publishing platform

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